Welcome to Rich Little Poor Girl

Where the grass is never green (but we love it anyway).

Jade Mercedes Fraser of Rich Little Poor Girl

Welcome to Rich Little Poor Girl – Where the grass is never green (but we love it anyway).

The Lorna Luxe x In The Style collection is a design dream. It’s exactly what I look for when I shop the high street for pieces that look and feel high end. From the plushy, thick, knitted material and chunky roll neck on this No Turning Back Knit that makes me feel like I’m still snuggled under my duvet to the incredibly cool drape sleeves and super sexy open back. The details that have gone into this piece make it feel so designer that I really can’t believe that it was only £29.99. An absolute steal.

Topshop Sports Luxe Trousers

This particular style seems to have sold out already (insert teary-eyed emoji) but there are lots of other, more summery pieces with similar designs still in the collection and better yet, they’re now all on sale so do have a look through.

Now for a little story. I never usually feel the need to do much editing on my photos. I’ll usually quickly increase the saturation and brightness, just a little, so that all of the colours pop and then that’s it – I’m happy to post. I never, ever alter my body shape but I have whitened my teeth in a couple of posts before and softened the focus on my skin. Why? I dunno, it just seemed more aesthetically pleasing.

Lorna Luxe x In The Style No Turning Back Knit

Recently I saw some photos on another blog that were so beautifully edited that they resembled the best kind of dream. All impossibly pink skies and glowy hues shot at sunset when the golden light is just right. Looking at my photos, I suddenly felt offended by the grubby brown canal water lined with balding grass so I set about doing some professional-level editing.

Jade Mercedes Fraser

An hour here, thirty minutes there, tracing carefully around the clouds in each photo to turn the sky a terrific teal colour. Colouring the canal water a brilliant blue and making the pink house in the background pop. Checking intermittently to make sure that each photo matched the last for continuity or else I’d have to start again. So why is the water still a murky mess you ask? Because about three quarters of the way through the laborious editing process, I realised that that’s not the image that I want to portray here on Rich Little Poor Girl so I scrapped them all this morning.

Affordable Luxury Blog
Jumper: Lorna Luxe x In The Style No Turning Back Knit | Trousers: Topshop |
Sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing | Sandals: Primark | Bag: River Island

My blog is all about sharing and transparency. When I created this platform I wanted to create a space where we could break down the barrier between us and the ‘It’ girls, rich kids and upper echelons of society for whom it seemed luxury was exclusive. Rich Little Poor Girl is a clubhouse where I share with you secrets on how we can all get in on a luxurious lifestyle from fabulous fashion finds to exciting experiences. No guest lists, no airs and graces and certainly no bullshit. So if I tell you that my new handbag is damn good quality it’s because it really, really is and if the British weather is ultra crappy when I shoot said bag then, well, c’est la vie. We have no secrets here.

Welcome to Rich Little Poor Girl

So here we are. It’s about three weeks since I started this blog post and this jumper, which I was so excited to share in the first place, has sold out (in my defence I did share it in a YouTube haul video a month ago when it was still in stock). Still, lesson learned – just do you Jade. That blogger, whose dreamy photos I envied, had probably been sent her outfit a zillion years before it even came into stock, giving her ample time to do her dreamy edits. She also definitely doesn’t have to fit blogging around a separate, growing business and certainly has someone to edit her photos for her. I don’t have anything against any of this by the way, I still love her and her blog. It’s just not ‘my’ way of doing things.

So, welcome to Rich Little Poor Girl, shot in London where the grass in nearly always bald and the canal water is a specific shade of shit brown. And I fucking love it.

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