How to Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive

From Mother’s Days mix ups to lovers’ quarrels, flowers are a tried and tested way to say, “I care”. However, nothing quite puts a dampener on your gesture like drooping daisies wrapped in plastic, sporting that pesky white, ‘£4.99’ sticker that you can never, ever get off cleanly in one go. Don’t fear! Here in my short, easy YouTube video showing you how to make cheap flowers look expensive so that your affordable supermarket roses and even gas station carnations can still earn you some series brownie points.

supermarket roses and peonies
close up of cheap flowers look expensive

Gone are the days when grocery store flowers were a token gesture; a last minute, placeholder type formality for which we apologised profusely, ‘Sorry that it’s not more… I came straight from work you see… ‘. No, these days even my local Tesco is stocked up with plush pink peonies, resplendent roses and ornate orchids. All of which have a decent shelf life and cost a mere fraction of what the local florist would have you pay for a similar selection.

tricks to make cheap flowers look expensive

I picked up these rose and peony bunches for less that £10 altogether, including the wrapping that they’re in. You can barely see the bold burgundy peonies here because the bulbs were closed when I first bought them but as the week went on and they bloomed, the bouquet become even more beautiful than when it was initially gifted.

how to make cheap flowers look expensive

They lasted well over a week too. Contrary to popular belief, the supermarket flowers I’ve purchased have always lasted me very well indeed – as long as I follow my top tips. For those, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep your eye peeled for Part 2 of this DIY flower styling video in which I share top tips for making your flowers last longer and I’ll show you how to arrange your supermarket bouquet in a stylish, round vase for a glamourous home decor touch!

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