Royal Fashion Outfit Inspiration

This summer I had the pleasure of attending Royal Ascot, a surprise sixtieth birthday outing for my dad. The day was full of electrical atmosphere, royal fashion, fancy food with all the trimmings and bountiful bubbles to wash it down, all in the splendid surroundings of the Ascot Racecourse. Highlighted by the splendid summer’s day we were blessed with. Intrigued? Well lucky for us I captured the whole thing here in this YouTube vlog.

What really inspired me on the day though was the fashion. It’s rare really, nowadays, that we get to put on a pretty frock and go all out glam. Not long ago I watched the Downton Abbey film which left me all nostalgic for a time when private parties meant high heels and low hemlines not skinny jeans and shoes you ‘don’t mind getting spilt on’.

Monsoon fascinator for Royal Ascot

I didn’t wear this multicolour Monsoon dress to Ascot in the end, instead opting for this even more affordable version. A decision made mostly because as I’ve lamented, I don’t often get to dress so demurely. Of course, fashion is of freewill and as such I could dress like this all the time but the modern woman/thot/tomboy in me wouldn’t allow it. These alter egos of mine are too spoiled, used to their long-established wardrobes of smart blazers, sheer blouses and athleisure – not all worn at once of course, please, no.

jade mercedes fraser

Alas, this dress is the most demure I can do. This look gives me Kate Middleton outfit vibes; fitted and feminine yet flowy and not too sexy. Elegant and still modern. Granted, the print of the dress is a little more vibrant than we tend to see with royal fashion but I reckon that, deep down, Kate Middleton would love to rock this colour combo if she were allowed.

black british influencer jade fraser

Whilst I can’t commit to this look full time, the festive season is always a fun time for exaggerated fashions so I think my goal next season is to spend Christmas in royal fashion. Sexy is for summer. This winter I intend to be perfectly prim. Well, on the odd occasion at least!

ASOS low heel gold slingback mules

I hope this Royal Fashion Outfit Inspiration post inspires you to switch up your look a little this season. The only question is, which alter ego will you choose?

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