The Law of Attraction – A Bunch of Bull or Real Magic?

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If you’re late to the law of attraction party, don’t worry. I’ve only just got here but my, what a party it is! So, what is the law of attraction? Well, since it’s a conceptual theory, everyone has their own interpretation of it but my take on it is the idea that the universe is full of magnetic energy, ourselves too and that if you really focus on that energy every day, you can actually use it to attract great things into your life. Think of it kinda of like good karma but on a higher level. Ok, before you dismiss it as something for the Kayne West Kool-Aid sipping kooks of the world, let me explain.

Does the law of attraction work?

You’ve heard about the bestselling book, The Secret, right? Many people have raved about its life-altering ways. Well, it’s all about the law of attraction. There’s now a Netflix special version of it too which I enjoy watching often but before you dive into that, I find it helps to hear more relatable people (rather than emphatic fanatics) talk about it and put it into context. This is the video that first alerted me to the law of attraction. Nodreen has a great way of explaining it, sharing lots of videos on the subject along with stories of how it’s worked for her. I also love listening to the very successful Tamara Kalanic talk about it as I think she has a great handle on how the idea of the universe working in your favour needs to be manifested in conjunction with actually working hard for what you want.

There are some who seem to believe that if you manifest (wish for) something hard enough and consistently enough it will just come to you. I’ve heard stories of people in deep financial debt harnessing the law of attraction to bring a juicy cheque to them in the post. I do believe them and you best believe I make sure to get my lottery ticket every Saturday just in case. But, in the meantime, I believe in asking the universal law of attraction to bring me opportunities and then I aim to keep my mind open to and make the most of those opportunities.

the law of attraction

When I was a kid I remember my dad telling me, ‘You can’t just pray for stuff and expect it to come to you.’ ‘For instance,’ he said, ‘if you want a shiny new bike, you don’t just pray for a bike and expect it to show up at your door the next day… But perhaps, instead, soon after you pray you might find a flyer for a paper round… and so you apply for that job which eventually earns you the money to buy yourself the dream bike’. Et voila.

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So how does this relate to what the law of attractions look like for me daily? Well, in terms of manifestation techniques, I make sure to include this into my morning routine every day most days. This morning, for instance, I overslept so it didn’t happen. I’m about 75% consistent with it but the idea is to do it every day to really tap into your power (consciousness), I’m getting there. After a gentle wake up with a cup of green tea, I’ll first sit for 5 mins (this is longest I can keep my mind calm but again, working on it) and I’ll just take deep breaths and think about all of things that already make me happy and all of the things I’m grateful for in the world. Anything that brings me peace. I’ll imagine breathing in good energy and thoughts to boost my self-esteem and breathing out the bad. Sometimes I use the The Daily Meditation Podcast on Spotify to guide me.

Then I’ll move on to focusing on my long term and short term goals in life – I keep a synced list on my phone and laptop. I’ll carefully read the list which includes not only the milestones I want to reach but the baby steps I need to complete to get there. It even has notes on what have been my downfalls in the past and what I’ve done well before that I’d like to repeat.

Then I’ll close my eyes and imagine following through and achieving these goals. I imagine the work it will take to get there and what I plan to do today, next week and next year to reach my goals. Then I imagine the feeling of reaching each goal. What it would be like the moment it happened, what I’d be wearing, what I’d do, who I’d tell, the emotions I’d go through. I imagine it hard and focus on the feeling and I let it fill me with joy. Then I repeat affirmations (promises to myself) out loud, along the lines of, ‘I will meet my goals’, ‘I will do XYZ today to get me one step further’, ‘I am smart/strong/resilient enough to do this’. I also try to journal my thoughts and feelings, ups and downs around my goals, daily. These manifestation techniques take about 30 mins every morning and they get me so pumped and focused for the day that it’s time well spent.

do loa affirmations work?
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Sometimes I wonder if it’s all actually all just subconscious. Perhaps there is no ‘universal law of attraction’, no magic energy. Perhaps, instead, what’s happening is that by taking the time to clear my mind (meditate) and focus on my goals (manifest) at the start of every day, I then work more purposefully throughout the day and by believing that the universe is bringing me opportunities my mind is hyper-aware and generally more open to opportunities in life. There’s a saying, ‘It’s funny, the harder I work the more luck I seem to have’. I still can’t decide if it’s the universe rewarding me or simply the result of being more focused.

All I know is that when I’m in that higher state of mind, thanks to the law of attraction, my day goes much better. Even if I have a ‘bad day’ I’m able to deal with it so much more pragmatically because I trust that I’m on a good path. I know that I’m focused and I choose to believe that I’m protected by the universe so to me negative experiences are just cash in the karma bank for a good day to come to me just around the corner and it always, always does.

What do you think about the law of attraction? Is it universal magic or simple psychology?

is the law of attraction real?

QUOTE OF THE POST: – “It’s funny – the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

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